Dear Well Wishers

Words of encouragement from you can inspire students across the globe to rise up and initiate programs and to get involved in activities that will make the world a better place to live. If you share our passion and wish to support us in our efforts, please leave a message to endorse our cause.

Thank you for the support
We the "Students" love you all :)

Sunita Raina
State: TX, Country: United States
Message:  Thanks for the message

Prof. Sham Tickoo
State: Indiana, Country: USA
Message:  You "The Kids" of today, will be the leaders of tomorrow. You have the opportunity to sow the seeds of love and compassion. We are with you in this endeavor and we are proud of you for starting this initiative.

Rakesh Roshan
State: Haryana, Country: India
Message:  This is a noble cause to bring not only the children of the world together but all of us adults as well. Keep it up!

Shivani Kulshreshtha
State: Haryana, Country: India
Message:  Join SGLPH and spread the message of " Global Love, Peace, and Harmony" all around the world.

State: Illinois, Country: United States

Israel Zepeda Cervantes
State: Indiana, Country: United States
Message:  Make the world what you want to live in! Remember we only have one planet earth!

Subbarao Majety
State: Indiana, Country: United States
Message:  A smile multiplies happiness infinitely many times making it permanent. A smile divides sorrow infinitely many times making it disappear. Smile all the time and make others smile all the time too...

State: Haryana, Country: India
Message:  test

State: Haryana, Country: India
Message:  Together we can and we will make a difference. Lets take pledge to make this world a better place to live in!

State: NA, Country: Zimbabwe
Message:  gmqc1w